Welcome to Pierce Mill Farm, this website is for customers, visitors and potential employees of our farm. Any further information you need, please contact us. Also please like our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter where you can find updates and special offers.

We are a small family run farm in West Kent, UK. Established 1995.

We are busy throughout the seasons.....


During SPRING, we are busy on the farm growing our cherries & apples. We grow Gala, Cox, Windsor and Bramley apples. We also grow several varieties of delicious English cherries.


During SUMMER, In July, we open our popular fruit stall in our cherry orchard on the corner of Pierce Mill Lane.

 In the AUTUMN and WINTER we supply and deliver locally our quality seasoned apple and mixed wood logs. We also bag kindling and mixed wood for wholesale and local customers.

In DECEMBER we supply quality Nordmann Blue Xmas Trees, Mistletoe and hand made Holly Wreathes for sale here at the farm and at our pop up site at Tonbridge Golfing Centre. 



 SPRING IS HERE!   Following the really cold spell, spring is now breaking out and we are out again looking after the apples and cherries as they begin to blossom and grow.  We are also grubbing orchards to replenish our supplies of wood for the coming years. We still deliver Logs all year round and our prices have been reviewed and slightly changed effective April 1st.   For full details of our new prices or to order, please see our LOGS page. 



We are currently looking for seasonal staff to be available to help with our harvest later in the year. We have two jobs we are recruiting for;

Picking Cherries in July/ August and Apples in September/October. 

If you would like to be considered, please email your CV to piercemillfarm@live.co.uk or fill out the CONTACT US form. 



While the Winter finally subsides, we do continue to deliver our logs.  We still have some stock of dry barn stored logs, we deliver our seasoned logs all year round and as always our Apple logs are the most popular of our products. They are hard wood which give a nice slow burn and a considerable amount of heat, coupled with the lovely aroma they make an excellent fire to warm those chilly spring evenings.


If you would like any logs delivered or if you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us either by phone, email, website, text or our new app and we will do our best to help. Full details of prices on our logs page, you can also contact us to place an order on there. 




We are happy to say that Pierce Mill Sweep has been very well received. Nick is very busy out and about and sweeping your fires.  He is a fully qualified chimney sweep and is also part of our team at Pierce Mill Farm. Nick is Mike's son and is now available for all your chimney needs. Give Nick a call or message and he will get back to you to answer any queries or questions or to book your sweep in.


Full details and prices on the PIERCE MILL SWEEP Page.