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Winter  2024


February and March

We now have some apple logs back in stock.  We are still processing Logs and kindling.  We are also grubbing wood to obtain stock for the future seasons.

If you would like to place and order, please head over

to our LOG SHOP for available supplies.

Sturdy Stores

We are very happy to support Dan in his new venture. As our most valuable team member, he has experienced lots of log stacking in your stores. He has designed and built ‘Sturdy Stores’. Good luck Dan!

To View Dan's stores and for contact details please click the Sturdy Stores button below. 

Pierce Mill Sweep

Nick continues sweeping chimneys throughout the year.  Nick is registered with and regulated by the ICS (Institute of Chimney Sweeps) and is fully insured.

You can visit his website directly at

 Here you can see his services, prices, contact details and some great images of his work.  Please note that we don't book Nicks diary so you will need to contact him directly to book your sweep or chimney services.

To contact Nick, use the sweep button below. 

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Logs  2024
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We are delighted to announce that we have been working hard in the background and are now

approved as a 'Ready To Burn' fuelwood supplier. 

This means you can be sure we are processing and obtaining our wood supplied to good standards in  compliance with the new Air Quality Regulations.

We have been processing the popular 

Apple Hardwood Logs and they are

available to order on our website now.

To order, just visit our log shop

by clicking the button below. 

Logs  2023 - 24

We do have Hardwood Apple logs available this year. We are now also bagging our apple logs and they are available to buy in our log shop. Minimum order for delivery is £30 or you can collect from the Farm, just let us know

when your are coming.

  Prices have increased this year, full details of all our logs are available on our


Stocks will be updated throughout the year as we have them.  You can order logs at any time of the year to avoid the busiest months. 

 When available, you can place your log order by clicking here. 


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Pierce Mill Farm

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We keep busy all year round, during spring and summer, we grow fruit for the local and wholesale markets. Our main crop is English apples; we currently grow Gala, Cox, Windsor and Bramley apples.  

We also grow several varieties of delicious English cherries and sell them from our pop up summer fruit stall at Pierce Mill Farm.  It is situated in our cherry orchard on the corner of Pierce Mill Lane.

In the autumn and winter we supply and deliver locally quality seasoned hardwood and mixed wood logs. We also bag kindling and mixed wood for wholesale and local customers.

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If you would like to get in touch, have an enquiry or offer some feedback, please complete the contact form to send us an email and we will get back to you.


*To apply for cherry or apple harvest work at Pierce Mill Farm in July or September & October 2024. Please Click HERE

*Please NOTE. If you are from the UK, then please send us your CV or complete the application page and we will contact you for further information.  If you are from the EU and reside in the UK or have valid UK working status, please send us your CV or click the link below to complete the application form. 


If you are from outside the EU you must have valid UK working status for us to consider you application.

No visa = No job

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Pierce Mill Lane, Golden Green, Tonbridge TN11 0LA, UK

FARM OFFICE: 07526 066315

Email :    

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